War in Ukraine: South Africa calls itself a “friend” of Russia

So far, South Africa has refused to condemn Russia since the start of the war. She took a new step.

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LSouth Africa, which has criticized Moscow for its “neutral” stance in refusing to condemn it since the start of the war in Ukraine, took a new step by calling itself a “friend” of Russia during a meeting between Russia’s diplomatic leaders on Monday. Two nations in Pretoria.

The South African country recently announced that it will host Russian and Chinese navies off its coast for joint maneuvers in February to “strengthen already flourishing ties.”

“All countries conduct military exercises with their friends,” South African Foreign Minister Naledi Bandor told a press conference after meeting her Russian counterpart, Sergey Lavrov, on Monday.

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The minister hailed it as a “very pleasant meeting” with an “invaluable partner”. For his part, Mr. Lavrov underlined. More than 350 South African players will participate in the joint exercise, which is scheduled from February 17 to 27.

Russia “does not rule out negotiations with Ukraine,” Mr. Lavrov declared. “But deniers must understand that the longer they refuse, the harder it will be to find a solution,” he added.

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Moscow has repeatedly said it is ready for “serious dialogue” with Ukraine, on the condition that the latter accepts the annexation of several territories, but Kyiv has demanded a total withdrawal of Russian forces before any talks.

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