Many Belgians are going to spend the New Year abroad: where are they going on holiday?

D-3 before New Year's Eve. A new year that some choose to celebrate abroad. Some may get hot. For others, it's a change of scenery and customs. As a result, currently, 25,000 passengers pass through Charleroi Airport every day.

Many have chosen major European cities and festive destinations to celebrate the New Year. “We're going to party in Prague. We're going to have fun last moments of the year with friends.”A traveler told us.

For Bernardo, who has lived in Belgium for 7 years, this New Year's holiday is synonymous with reunion. “I am very happy because my grandparents are from Brazil” He says.

Others prefer to look for some sunshine and blue skies. This is the case of Nathalie and her companion who flew to Pisa in Italy. “We're going to have a great New Year's Eve where we like and where we know. Other days, we'll read, relax, walk, eat pasta.”she says.

An average of 25,000 passengers pass through the airport every day. “We have a slightly different profile during the end-of-year holidays. At Christmas, there's a lot of going back to family. So there's a short stay. Here, we're on a 3-4 day profile,” he said. Herve Frances, general secretary of Charleroi Airport, notes.

A trend noted by operator TUI is that 23% more holidaymakers are heading to sunny destinations compared to last year's New Year. “One young couple in particular, earlier in the week, were asked to leave immediately”says Kamila Zorina, who works at a travel agency.

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A little challenge for employees who need to find last-minute availability in hotels and flights.

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