War in Ukraine: Sacrifice of Boutcha Executioners, Threat of “Total War”, Bombings in Odessa … Recall Saturday, April 30th

66th day of conflict in Ukraine. The Russian occupier continued his offensive in Donbass, which was opposed by Ukrainians and peace talks stalled. In the case of Russia, the failure was due to sanctions imposed by the West. Their dismissal was a precondition for peace, Sergei Lavrov, mThe Foreign Minister of the Russian Federation added NATO is also intervening in these talks.

Meanwhile, the United States announced new military aid to Ukraine. In Mariupol, Soldiers stationed on Azovstel Steelwork continue their resistance in this “underground fortress” covering an area of ​​11 square kilometers. There are several hundred civilians there. This Friday, the Russian army locked up the district, foreshadowing an immediate offensive to capture the last resistance in the port city.

Still on the Russian military “front”, Vladimir Putin could declare “total war on Ukraine” on May 9, Victory Day in Russia. Giving up the name “special action” for “war” would change the status quo with great implications, as it would allow the Kremlin to declare everything that refers to martial law.

You can see the evolution of the events of this 66th day of war live on us below:

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