A hunter’s bullet hits a car and hits the driver

An investigation has been initiated.

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UA driver reported on Saturday, January 28, 2023, after a hunter’s bullet ended its course in the passenger compartment while driving on a road near Rouen the day before. Paris stands for Normandy.

The lady was driving in the town of Quevillon (in Normandy) at half past twelve when a bullet blew out the side window of her car and ended up racing close to it.

According to a local source, the woman, who was very traumatized, lodged a complaint during the day. Gendarmes found a projectile in the car.

The crime scene was moved to identify the location of the assault and the location of the shooting.

A poaching operation was underway at Quevillon at the time of the events. One couple, neighbors of the site and non-hunters, opined, “It just had to happen.” “Everywhere, in the fields, sitting or facing the road, up (hillsides, author’s note) in the woods. It recedes in all directions. Over time, we don’t pay attention. “.

The incident was reported to José Doméné-Guérin, president of the Seine-Maritime Hunting Federation. But the investigation is ongoing and he is cautious about the origin of the bullet and has neither confirmed nor denied it came from a hunter. However, as of Monday, January 30, “José Doméné-Guérin plans to recall the safety rules. We do a lot for security,” he says.

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