War in Ukraine: Russian bug provided critical information to Ukrainian military

A surveillance camera intercepted by the Russian military allowed it to gather critical information at the start of the invasion of Ukraine.

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LFebruary 24, 2022 will be a memorable date: the day Russia launched its invasion of Ukraine. Russia succeeded in disrupting numerous surveillance cameras to launch its military offensive. But one escaped them, allowing the Ukrainian military to obtain vital information, La Libre reported.

“Chernobyl Tour”, a company that organizes guided tours of the former nuclear power plant, which filmed the maneuvers of Russian troops on its surveillance camera, was founded a few months ago.

Yaroslav Emelianenko, the founder of “Chernobyl Tour” was seen approaching the camera from his apartment tanks and trucks full of Russian soldiers. Arrested, he quickly alerted the Ukrainian military and informed them of Russian troop movements.

“Mentally, it was a test. On the one hand, we followed the message, convinced that the queue would never be occupied. On the other hand, we counted the impressive number of vehicles passing in front of our camera,” he explains. “Finally, many vehicles passed, several tens. A kilometer-long military convoy was formed. It was feared that this convoy would invade Kiev at any moment. ยป

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After several days, the Chernobyl tour camera was finally turned off. But Yaroslav Emelianenko continued to provide valuable information to the Ukrainian military, visiting villages near the nuclear power plant and establishing a network of informants willing to risk their lives.

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