Linda and Elaine had the ‘worst flight’ of their lives when they took their aunt Christine to Tenerife, ‘there were about 12 people in total and it was horrible’ (pictured)

Elaine Wilson Duncan and her cousin Linda Bishop, both 62, were taking their aunt Christine Moreland, 82, on holiday for the first time in her life when their Ryanair plane crashed.

The Brits were leaving Edinburgh for Tenerife on April 26 when their flight took another turn. According to the Mirror, a dozen men who celebrated the bachelor party turned the experience of three women who were supposed to be sober into a real nightmare. The two sixty-year-olds explain that they started yelling and cursing as they passed between passengers with a bottle of vodka and vaping.

“When we arrived at the airport, we were excited about the upcoming vacation. My aunt lost her husband three years ago, and she was afraid she wouldn’t go on vacation alone, in case something happened,” Elin told Edinburgh Live. “My cousin and I decided to take her on vacation. We did and booked a trip to Tenerife. She is 88 years old, but she is perfectly healthy,” he adds.

But the three women never expected their flight to be such an event. “We didn’t know about the bachelor party when we were queuing to board, and then several of them were sitting on the plane behind us. There were about 12 people in total,” Britton explains.

“We were punished because of their behavior”

Shortly after take off, things started to get complicated. “I informed the flight attendant that they were getting more and more drunk. But she told me that they already knew that and that they had to catch the wine pouring, otherwise they wouldn’t know what to do,” says Elaine. “However, they were given several warnings not to vape in the toilets and if they were caught, the plane would be hijacked and the police would be waiting to land,” he adds.

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But that didn’t calm the 12. “They were languishing in the driveway and in the lavatory and nothing happened. Another announcement asked passengers to stay in their seats and advised them not to serve any more alcohol in the second round of refreshments,” Elaine says. “I told the flight attendant that we were being punished for their actions because we weren’t allowed to have another drink, and she said, ‘I’m sorry, I know it’s a disturbance on board.’

“The guy in front of us was smoking from the seat, you could see the smoke in the air. They weren’t sitting down, they were standing next to their friends, completely ignoring the cabin crew,” Elaine continues. A terrible flight for other passengers. “They were getting more and more drunk and it was horrible and it was the worst robbery I’ve ever done,” he adds.

When she wanted to complain, Elaine couldn’t. “I complained later, but the staff told me there was no category under my complaint, so they didn’t deal with it. I will never fly with Ryanair again,” concludes Britton.

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