War in Ukraine: Russian actress lost her life during a performance hit by Ukrainian missiles

It shows Polina Menshikh playing the guitar to entertain Russian soldiers in honor of Artillery Day, a Soviet-era military holiday. An explosion interrupts the show and is quickly followed by a Russian curse. The image flickers and then disappears.

The Ukrainian attack claimed the life of Polina Menshik and, according to Ukrainian officials, 25 other soldiers. About ten injured are to be counted. The Russian actress was taken to the hospital, but she died of her injuries. The missiles were able to be launched thanks to the high-tech HIMARS missile system provided to Ukraine by the US.

War in Ukraine: “We need to think about how to end this tragedy,” says Vladimir Putin

Ukrainian commander Robert Brovdi explained in a telegram that the attack represented “an act of revenge for November 3”. “We knew where they would congregate, and we welcomed them warmly,” he says. Provdi refers to a Russian attack on the Zaporizhzhia region during a military parade. Twenty people died in the attack. The Ukrainian president spoke out and described the incident as “an avoidable tragedy”.

For pro-Russian bloggers, the success of this offensive by the Ukrainians was a huge mistake. “They can certainly know that Ukraine will be determined to retaliate. The war has been going on for almost two years and these airmen still don’t know what to do and what not to do. A mistake that further accentuates the criticism of the Russian high command that was already heavily criticized during the Wagner group uprising in July 2023.

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