TikTok users were amazed by a secret feature inside the dishwasher – do you know what it is?


It’s a dirty secret that’s guaranteed to clean your dishes squeaky clean.

A TikToker has gone viral after sharing a trick that allows people to put tall wine glasses in the top drawer of their dishwasher.

The creator, known as @hotdogsilly, shared the details in a photo Tik Tok video It was first shared in 2021 and has now resurfaced ahead of the holidays.

The clip begins with archival footage that the creator found online. It shows an unidentified person trying to put a wine glass into the top drawer of the washing machine.

First, the glass is too tall to fit and prevents the dishwasher door from closing completely.

However, one solves the problem by flipping the switch inside the bracket which lowers it several inches.

This newly adjusted height allows the large glass to be placed in the top drawer and the dishwasher door to close properly.

The creator, known only as @hotdogsilly, rounded up the details in a TikTok video first shared in 2021 that has now resurfaced ahead of the holidays.

Apparently, the footage stunned @hotdogsilly, as she was seen in her video walking into her kitchen to check her dishwasher drawers.

She discovers that her machine also has a switch to allow larger items to be placed on the top shelf.

After discovering the hack, she declared: “My whole life is a lie.”

Hundreds of viewers were impressed by the feature and expressed their excitement in the comments section below the video.

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One wrote: “MIND BLOWN” after discovering the dishwasher had a rack lowering switch.

Next, a person reaches into the dishwasher and flips the switch inside that lowers the top rack several inches to fit the glass.

“I’m so glad you posted this. I couldn’t have known about this before!!!!!” another noted.

However, one person wasn’t too impressed with the TikTok user’s revelation.

“No one reads the damn manual?” They asked frankly.

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