War in Ukraine: Russia recognizes “significant” military losses

A Kremlin spokesman acknowledged that the Russian military had suffered “significant losses” as Russia lost its seat on the UN Human Rights Council.

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The Kremlin on Thursday acknowledged “significant losses” within its troops stationed in Ukraine, the Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov said without counting them. “We have suffered significant military losses,” Peskov said in an interview with Britain’s Sky News. “This is a great tragedy for us.”

Russia has been tight-lipped about the extent of its losses since the start of the Ukraine invasion. The latest official report, March 29, states that 1,351 people were killed and 3,825 were injured.

When asked about the alleged abuse of Russian soldiers in the discovery of dozens of bodies in the Ukrainian city of Bautja, the Kremlin spokesman again denied the allegations. Faced with satellite images showing the bodies lying on the ground, he said they were taken after Russian troops withdrew from the area.

The Kremlin continues to “defend its interests”

The Kremlin on Thursday regretted Russia’s suspension from the UN Human Rights Council, warning that Moscow would “continue to defend its interests in all legal ways”. Vladimir Putin’s spokesman Dmitry Peskov told the British channel Sky News that “we are sorry for this and will continue to defend our interests in all legal ways.”

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The General Assembly on Thursday suspended Russia from its seat in the Human Rights Council over the invasion of Ukraine, garnering 93 votes in favor in one vote and reflecting the erosion of international solidarity against Moscow. Of the 193 members of the General Assembly, 24 voted against the suspension – the second in the history of the United Nations since the expulsion of Libya in 2011 – and 58 abstained. However, a two-thirds majority did not vote in favor or against.

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