Emily’s Disappearance: Child Trafficking, Media, Pedophiles… How Conspirators and Charlatans Prowl

The disappearance of two-and-a-half-year-old girl Emile in the hamlet of Haute-Vernet (Alpes-de-Haute-Provence) on July 8 is a boon for all kinds of quacks who find fertile ground for their theories. Smokers in the case. A classic among the stories about children who were already at work when Grigory Willemin died in 1984, there was no dirt at the time called “social networks”. still no.

Emil’s passing: A reunion may take place with family members gathered at the grandparents

For example, the medium “Marianne” captured this release by clicking “#Émile”.:” on Twitter.“Fix your kids’ clothes with GPS trackers. You never know, there are many cases of trafficking for organ trafficking or pedophilia. Protect your children. “

A fantasy of child trafficking orchestrated by a globalized elite “Pedosatanist”, figure, indeed, at the heart of conspiratorial prose… and this, from its appearance. “In these theories, power, in the broadest sense of the word, is always represented through the prism of maximum immorality. So the perversion of morality is a central point., Julian Giri, a researcher in political science at the University of Tours, described in the columns of Marianne last January. According to the conspiracy expert, the myth of pedophilia is fueled “A Whole Literature” emerged in the 1980s, before expanding exponentially through “New technologies.”

Emily’s Disappearance: A New Phase in the Investigation

Already in 1984, when The case of GregorySome thought of a planned plot to reintroduce the death penalty, abolished three years earlier by François Mitterrand’s Keeper of the Seals, Robert Badinter. “It is true that such foolish theories were in circulation”I am confirmed by Thierry Moser, Willem’s family lawyer Marianne.

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All kinds of media and other charlatans will not hesitate to read the case to solve the investigation. 2.0 Some expositors also make assumptions about the boy’s whereabouts. Anre Paulie to the investigators who were bombarded with calls broadcasting these “lights”.

“At the time of the Gregory affair, fanatics and impostors were already trying to intervene in the case and promote their business. Not all of them were necessarily malicious, but with my colleagues, we always considered it an immoral phantasmagoria. Thierry Moser continues me, considering the existence of these charlatans “No Performance”Besides “make a mess” and delays the investigation. The results of a British study were published in 1996 Journal of the Association for Psychiatric Research Really illuminating: Psychologists’ ability to provide useful information to solve criminal investigations is practically non-existent.

Emile’s Disappearance: Privileged Criminal Thesis and the Large Family, Very Catholic, Accused of Being a Sect, “He Couldn’t Leave Without a Third Party”

Another remarkable fact: the email was sent to Le Figaro 72 hours after the little email went missing. In essence: GPS coordinates pointing to the forest in the hills surrounding the city. A message signed by a “viewer healer” claiming to have already found the missing girl. This time he “TO (His) eyes and (His) fingers are like eagles on the cards” and convincingly says The boy voluntarily left alone, but fell into someone’s arms.

Emile’s death, the mother calls the shepherd who “saw” the Virgin Benoît Renquerel to pray: after that, great excitement, prayers and masses in key.

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News like this reached dozens of investigators who had mobilized to find the toddler. Mediums, clairvoyants, dowsers, soothsayers: As the investigation stalled on Wednesday, July 12, everyone claimed to have felt or seen something that might help them find the missing child.

On the town hall’s Facebook page, posts on integrating research attract all kinds of theories: “My guide points me in the direction of a haystack and a church of sorts. But a good girl will find him. “There is another”The clock ticks all night” and confirms it“Emily was alive “. According to Le Figaro, a woman confirms this: “In full prayer I found myself surrounded by stone steps, an old stone stairway parallel to the road, and tall brush.

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