War in Ukraine: Putin 'reduced to the humiliation of begging North Korea'

British Defense Minister Grant Shabbs is expected to do the same after the US pointed to ties between North Korea and Russia. He was actually responding to comments from John Kirby, a spokesman for the US National Security Council, who confirmed on Thursday that “North Korea recently supplied Russia Ballistic Missile Missile Systems and Multiple Ballistic Missiles”. According to Kirby, the war in Ukraine has been rekindled in recent weeks by strong and regular Russian attacks, some of which have been carried out by North Korean missiles.

The world looked back at Russia, reduced to the humiliation of begging Vladimir Putin to allow the North Korea conflict to continue.”, wrote Grant Shapps at X on Friday morning. He said “By doing so, Russia has violated several United Nations Security Council resolutions and jeopardized the security of another region of the world.”. “Together with our allies, we will ensure that North Korea pays a high price for supporting Russia […] This must stop now”, concluded Britton.

If such an arms transfer is proven, according to Kirby and Shabbs, it would be a violation of sanctions imposed on North Korea, subject to these penalties, for its prohibited nuclear weapons and missile programs.

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