War in Ukraine: ‘Punishment’ Ukrainian attack kills 13 civilians in Donetsk

“According to preliminary data, 13 civilians were killed as a result of the punitive bombing of Baku Commissars’ Square in western Donetsk,” Mr. “The number of injured is still being established,” Kemsulin said in a telegram.

“Nine 155 mm caliber shells were fired from Netaylov village,” he said, calling on people to “come out only if absolutely necessary.”

These reports could not immediately be independently verified.

Nearly seven months after the start of Russian intervention in Ukraine, the bombings continue at an unabated pace.

The Russian Defense Ministry confirmed on Monday that it had carried out several strikes across the country the day before, including one on the (southern) city of Zaporizhia which “destroyed workshops (…) where (missile) systems were maintained”.

Clashes are also taking place in the separatist region of Donetsk and neighboring Luhansk.

And the Russian military, which faced a Ukrainian counteroffensive in early September in the northern Kharkiv region, said it was withdrawing part of its forces to “reinforce” those in Donetsk, where daily fighting is taking place.

The Ukrainian president confirmed on Monday that “10 civilians were killed and 22 wounded” following Russian attacks during the day on Sunday.

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