War in Ukraine: “Offensive Operations” Increase on Russian-Ukrainian Front

The moves come as Ukrainian officials say they have been preparing for months for a broad counteroffensive aimed at forcing Russian troops out of areas they occupy. “Defensive action (from Ukraine) Includes counter-offensive operations. So, in some sectors, we are going on the offensive., Ukraine’s Deputy Defense Minister Khanna Maliar said on Monday without elaborating. Without further details she noted, “Petty Fights” In the south where the Russian forces are “On Defense”.

Russian giant Gazprom is sending its own mercenaries to fight in Ukraine

Meanwhile, the Russian Defense Ministry said it had faced attacks on five divisions of the front since the morning of June 4. “In the southern direction of the Donetsk region“, located in the east. He said Russian soldiers inflicted significant losses on Ukrainian forces near the Neskoutchné region in Donetsk region and Novodarivka on the border between the same region and southern Zaporizhia. “Attempts to Break Russian Defenses” – All Postponed, According to Moscow – A series of hot spots took place on the front in the south of Donetsk region, near the town of Novodonetske, near Vogledar, on Monday afternoon.

Bagmouth “Epicenter”

According to Kiev, the Pakmoud sector, the scene of the conflict’s longest and deadliest battle, was claimed by Russia in May. “Center of Hostility”. Ms Maliar says Ukrainian forces are advancing on the outskirts of the city “Very broad forehead” : “We are achieving success and occupying commanding heightsThis Ukrainian advance was confirmed by Russian paramilitary group Wagner, Yevgeny Prigozhin. “Part of the Berkivka region has already been lost”. A “Shame on you“, he again attacked General Gerasimov and Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu.

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War in Ukraine: “99 percent” of Wagner Group leaves Bachmouth

If Ukraine remains silent on actual plans for a counteroffensive, Russian experts and soldiers expect Russian experts and soldiers to ramp up attacks on the enemy to find their weaknesses before launching the bulk of troops. In September 2022, when the Ukrainian army secretly prepared an offensive, it recaptured almost the entire Kharkiv region in the northeast.

Belgorod under increasing pressure

Additionally, for two weeks, incursions and bombings in the Russian region of Belgorod, which borders Ukraine, have escalated by militants posing as Russians fighting alongside Ukrainians. Many civilians were killed and dozens of civilians injured in the strikes. In the latest operation on Sunday, one such group, known as the “Freedom of Russia”, took prisoners who were supposed to be handed over to the Khayivs.

War in Ukraine: Wagner’s militia ready to defend Belgorod region, “We will defend our Russian people…”

This was the first time that Russians were captured on Russian territory. Belgorod’s governor, Vyacheslav Kladkov, also noted, as an exception, possible negotiations. The Russian Defense Ministry meanwhile had no comment, saying only that it had foiled a new infiltration on Sunday. Fighting has intensified in recent days around the border towns of Novaya Tavoljanka and Chebekino, forcing thousands of civilians to flee to the regional capital Belgorod. “It’s not that much of a question“Rather than causing losses to the Russian forces “Make them run” And to affect their morale, but also the morale of the Russian people, who see war as an invitation to its daily life, military analyst Joseph Henrodin, editor-in-chief of the special journal CIO. (According to AFP)

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