Former Russian president Medvedev after strike in Poland: “West is getting closer to world war”

Russian or Ukrainian? This is the question that many people ask themselves after the question Missile attack kills two in Poland. As an expert explained after the incidentAnswer this Asks the question turns out to be important. Due to this, the work of collecting the necessary information to identify the criminals is currently underway. If Russia was mostly finger pointer In the first hours following the attack, US President Joe Biden somewhat tentatively changed comments this Wednesday, November 16. He said it was unlikely the missile was launched from Russia and raised the possibility of a Ukrainian anti-aircraft missile.

According to Medvedev, the strike in Poland “proves only one thing”.

But for former Russian President Dmitry Medvedev, the damage has already been done. He did not appreciate his country being blamed for the strike that killed two Poles. As expected, the Deputy Chairman of the Russian Security Council for his part ruled that Ukraine was the origin of the incident. “The alleged Ukrainian missile attack on a Polish farm proves only one thing: by waging a hybrid war against Russia, the West is moving closer to world war,” he warned on Twitter, relayed by Reuters.

This is not the first time that the former head of the Kremlin has raised fears of a “world war”. Since the start of the conflict in Ukraine, he has made several escapades against the West, going so far as to provoke the end of the world last July.

The allegations are seen as “provocative”.

The The Russian Defense Ministry also denied Russian involvement In minting in Poland. “Reports by Polish media and official authorities that Russian missiles fell near the Przewodow area are deliberate provocations aimed at escalating the situation,” he declared this Tuesday, November 15.

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