War in Ukraine: Mariupol under Russian control? Joe Biden challenges

US President announces $ 800 million in new military aid to Ukraine

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V.Latimir Putin promised the Democratic leader on Thursday that he would “never succeed” in invading Ukraine. He considered Russia’s control over the Ukrainian city of Mariupol to be “questionable” and claimed by his Russian ally. “It is questionable whether he controls Mariupol,” the US president declared. “There is no evidence so far that Mariupol is completely lost.”

US President Joe Biden has announced $ 800 million in new military aid to Ukraine. He described from the White House that the envelope contained “heavy artillery, dozens of howitzers, 144,000 ammunition and drones.”

The United States also plans to provide an additional $ 500 million in economic assistance to keep the Ukrainian government afloat. Joe Biden announced that all ships connected to Russia would be banned from US ports, subject to sanctions.

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