“Victims have been tortured for a long time”

“The victims were tortured for a long time (…) Eventually, each of them was shot in the temple,” Kiev police chief Andrei Nepitov said in a statement, adding that they were handcuffed, blindfolded and some had a bruise on the mouth.

“The victims had their hands tied and their faces covered with clothes so they could not see anything and some had bitterness in their mouths,” he added.

The bodies of the three were found in the village of Myrotske, near the boulevard of Kiev, which has become a symbol of the atrocities of the war in Ukraine, and the bodies of several civilians.

“According to preliminary data, the invaders tried to cover up traces of their violence, so they threw their bodies into a ditch and covered them with earth,” Nepitov said.

kyiv accuses Russian forces of carrying out massacres after finding dozens of civilian bodies in these areas occupied and abandoned by the Russian military around kyiv.

This week, Ukrainian justice charged ten soldiers of Russian forces stationed in the region during their brief occupation, now demanding “brutal treatment of civilians and other violations of martial law and customs.”

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