War in Ukraine: Joe Biden attacks “dictator” Putin, “always isolated from the rest of the world”

As Moscow accelerated its offensive in Ukraine on Tuesday and attacked the cities of Kiev and Kharkiv, Joe Biden on Tuesday forcibly attacked Vladimir Putin, a “dictator” more isolated than ever.

The Russian president said during his first “State of the Union speech” in Washington that “the West and NATO will not respond” to the invasion of Ukraine, which began on February 24.

But “Putin made a mistake,” he hammered out, calling on the US Congress to cheer in support of the “Ukrainian people” who are “not afraid of anything”.

“Putin is now isolated from the rest of the world.”Because in the war against “authoritarianism”“Democracies exist”, He listed unprecedented sanctions on Russia.

Closed American airspace

But the 46th president in American history warned the Kremlin master’s address that “if dictators do not pay the price for their aggression, they are still causing chaos.”

The White House’s tenant threatened to seize their “boats, luxury apartments and jets” from Russian oligarchs. “In writing the history of this period, Putin’s war on Ukraine will make Russia weak and the rest of the world strong.”The Democratic leader predicted.

In fact, international pressure on Moscow continues to grow. Joe Biden announced that he would ban US airspace on “all Russian flights”, as the EU did.

The 27 states of the European Union have given the green light to exclude “some Russian banks” from the Swift Press, which is a major player in the International Monetary Fund, and to ban the distribution of media from the Russian states of RT and Sputnik. .

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Sberbank, Europe’s largest subsidiary of the largest Russian bank Sberbank, is heading for bankruptcy on Tuesday as a result of historic sanctions that threaten to further tighten G7 countries.

The International Court of Justice (ICJ), the highest body of the United Nations (ICJ), which was seized by the Ukrainian government for plotting the Moscow genocide, announced hearings on March 7 and 8.

Kharkiv was bombed

On the seventh day of the Russian invasion, the Ukrainian army announced that Russian air forces had landed overnight in the second city of the country, Karvy, from Tuesday to Wednesday.

Fighting has been reported in the city of 1.4 million people near the Russian border, which was targeted by bombings on Tuesday, which partially destroyed the headquarters of the regional administration, according to the governor, and at least ten people were killed. Eight more people were killed when the apartment building collided.

British Prime Minister Boris Johnson compared the strikes to the deadly bombings in Bosnia’s Sarajevo in the 1990s.

In Kiev, five people were killed when a television tower was targeted in the afternoon. But most Ukrainian channels quickly began broadcasting.

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The Russian military has called for the evacuation of civilians living near the security services infrastructure, saying it wants to attack them to stop “computer attacks against Russia.”

The future Russian invasion of Kiev raises fears of a significant number of victims in this metropolis, which generally has a population of nearly three million and has a rich historical heritage.

Photographs by the American satellite imagery company Maxar show a Russian convoy traveling tens of thousands of kilometers toward the capital.

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“At this point we have a general feeling that the Russian army (…) has stopped moving towards Kiev.”However, a U.S. Defense Department official cited Ukrainian opposition and cited “logistical” problems with food and fuel supplies.

Between Crimea and Donbass

Russian forces, on the other hand, appear to have advanced on southern Ukraine, on the shores of the Sea of ‚Äč‚ÄčAzov.

At the port of Mariupol, the regional governor cited an undeclared number of casualties, saying “all around” were subject to bombing.

The Russian Defense Ministry said its troops advancing from Crimea to the coast were concentrated in the pro-Russian separatist region of Donetsk, giving them strategic regional continuity – information that could not be immediately verified.

“We must stop the occupiers as soon as possible.” Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zhelensky tweeted after talks with Joe Biden.

Beyond government sanctions, Russia has been excluded from many events, from the World Cup to the Davis Cup tennis, and many companies are withdrawing from the Russian market.

Four of the top five world ship owners have suspended service to Russian ports, while Italian oil companies Eni and American ExxonMobil have announced their departure from the country.

Like many companies, Apple has stopped selling all of its products in Russia.

The Russian government, which is trying to counter these sanctions, is preparing a new decree to block the flight of foreign investors.

At the same time, he blocked access to the well-known independent online television channel and radio station Dodge and the Echo of Moscow.

As a result of these tensions, European stock markets and Wall Street plummeted. Oil prices continued to rise, ahead of Wednesday’s meeting of the Organization of the Petroleum Exporting Countries (OPEC +). Tito for wheat and corn prices, at record levels in Europe.

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Beijing’s “deepest regret”

Even China, which has not yet condemned Russia’s invasion, expressed “deep regret” over the conflict on Tuesday. The UN refugee agency says one million people have been displaced in Ukraine since the start of the Russian invasion on February 24 and more than 677,000 have fled to neighboring countries. Said the High Commissioner.

The World Bank has announced three billion dollars in emergency aid to Ukraine, at least 350 million of which could be released this week.

Long queues of cars continued from the western Ukrainian city of Lviv to the Polish border, which became the exit door and retreat hub for Ukrainians and Western embassies.

The women refugees in this city left their family men to “defend Ukraine” and created their own blood or camouflage nets to support them.

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