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A 12-year-old boy from Devon, England scored higher than Albert Einstein and Stephen Hawking on the Cattell III-B IQ test. Rory Bidwell scored 162, two points higher than both scholars. The teenager was invited to join Mensa, an association that unites the 2% of people with the highest intelligence points in the world.

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North Devon Gazette, Sky News, The Guardian

Absolutely exceptional IQ. Rory Bidwell took a two-hour test in Exeter two weeks after his 12th birthday, “with no preparation,” according to the North Devon Gazette. The teenager's mother, Abby Bidwell, said her son even relaxed by walking “quietly to the bathroom as part of the test”.

Rory eventually reached an incredible score of 162, a record. In comparison, two physicists, Albert Einstein and Stephen Hawking, had an IQ of 160. A few days later, the young man was invited to join Mensa, which brings together people with the highest intelligence points on the planet.

A 100-piece puzzle for two-year-olds

Rory showed the first signs of extraordinary intellectual abilities when he built his own 100-piece puzzle at the age of two. Then, in his sophomore year of college, he had already passed the 7th grade algebra program. According to his mother, he had an “incredible brain, capable of grasping things and memorizing information”.

After all, the teenager remains a normal 12-year-old who sometimes needs to be reminded to focus on his schoolwork. The boy is a keen sportsman, representing his school in cross country and rugby. He was also named player of the year by Dorridgeside football team, according to The Guardian.

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