War in Ukraine: In the south, Ukrainian soldiers want to reach Kherson by Christmas (report)

The position is paradoxically solid but fragile because it can crack under pressure“, which according to him,”A disaster could be decisive for the fate of the Russian expeditionary force in Ukraine“.

Natalia Komenyuk, a spokeswoman for the Ukrainian military in the south, bets that the soldiers came from Moscow.Looking to surrender“, but also”Their logistics routes were significantly damaged“.

For months, Kyiv forces have been shelling enemy ammunition depots, but infrastructure that allows Moscow to supply its troops.

Kherson is a long-term goal, but it cannot be reached before winter, including winter

Crimean Bridge, which Ms. According to Koumenyuk, provided “75% (military) supply in Kherson region“Thus on Saturday kyiv was partially destroyed in an unclaimed attack.

The Russians have no supply problems yet“, quipped a French expert named Pierre Grosser. If the situation is “Important“, they will continue”Many more aerial deliveries“, he judges.

and add: “Kherson is a long-term goal, but it cannot be reached before winter, including winter“.

What next for Gerson? Sack of the city would mean heavy casualties and extreme destruction on both sides.

If Pierre Grasser imagines “Barter“Between Kiev and Moscow, the former gave up their claims to the Donbass in the spring in exchange for the city of Kherson”In good condition“, George Barros considers only a total Ukrainian victory.

The Russians had already lost the war“, he assures.

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