War in Ukraine: Illegal Russian Recruitment Network Hiding in Cuba? “Help us, please”

The Cuban Ministry of Interior is working to “neutralize and dismantle a human trafficking network operating from Russia and recruiting Cuban citizens living there and some from Cuba into military forces engaged in military operations in Ukraine,” the foreign ministry said. Report.

Foreign Minister Bruno Rodriguez assured in a message posted on X (formerly Twitter) that the Cuban government is “acting with the force of the law” against these actions.

The ministry has initiated “criminal proceedings against those involved in these activities,” without elaborating.

Recalling that Cuba did not take part in the war in Ukraine, he underlined the categorical rejection of “mercenaries”.

Glorification of World War II, “return of Nazism”… Russia rewrites history in its school textbooks

The America TeVe newspaper in Miami last Friday published the testimonies of two young men who said they were duped via Facebook into working as masons on construction sites in Ukraine with the Russian military.

“Help us, please, try to get us out of here quickly because we are scared,” one of the 19-year-olds says in a video posted on a media website.

America TeVe notes that the young men sent the message from a bus taken from Ukraine with Russian soldiers to Ryazan, southeast of Moscow.

“We can’t sleep” because “anytime they can come back and do something to us,” said another youth, who said he was attacked.

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