War in Ukraine: How the Baltic States Prepare for a Russian Invasion

There are growing voices in Europe worried about Putin attacking NATO member states, whether through Poland or the Baltic states, in the coming years. The latter take the threat seriously and are actively preparing for a Russian invasion.

Soon, Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania will reportedly strengthen their borders with Russia, Belarus and the Russian enclave of Kaliningrad. The Times. At 1,000 kilometer boundaries, they are a true “Baltic Defense Line”, to better protect NATO's eastern flank: mines, barbed wire fences, anti-tank ditches and more than a thousand reinforced concrete bunkers will be implemented.

Vladimir Putin gave an interview on American TV: “He chose the best date to do this interview, it's very good…”

An agreement to this effect was signed between various NATO countries a month ago. Prototypes of the bunker have already been built: the British media describe that the area of ​​about 37 square meters can accommodate 10 soldiers. According to Estonia, only 60 million euros are allocated for the construction of 600 bunkers, on the order of which the enemy would have to send four to seven times more troops to capture the positions.

Building this fortified line would take time and resources, but its effectiveness was proven during the war in Ukraine.”, Lithuanian Major Donatas Palavenis told the Times.

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Estonian intelligence warned this Tuesday that Russia plans to deploy twice as many soldiers on the borders of the Baltic states as before its invasion of Ukraine in February 2022. There were 19,000 troops there then.

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