War in Ukraine: German military officers wiretapped, Russia summons German ambassador

Ambassador Alexander Graf Lambsdorff arrived at the ministry on Monday morning and did not comment to journalists, Russian news agencies said.

An audio recording of a video conference meeting of top German officials was broadcast on social networks from Russia on Friday.

War in Ukraine: High-ranking German military officers wiretapped by Russia

In this conversation, the participants specifically discuss the hypothesis of delivery of German-made Taurus long-range missiles to Kiev, what is necessary to allow Ukrainian forces to use them and their possible impact.

As of Saturday, Berlin confirmed that the recording was genuine and that it had been “blocked”.

War in Ukraine: Secret document reveals German military preparing for attack from Russia

Its content is particularly embarrassing for Germany, as Berlin officially refuses to deliver Taurus missiles to Kyiv, arguing that it risks escalating the conflict.

For his part, German Defense Minister Boris Pistorius on Sunday accused Russian President Vladimir Putin of seeking to “destabilize” the country with the recording.

The Kremlin condemns the West's “direct involvement” in Ukraine

The Kremlin on Monday denounced the West's “direct involvement” in Ukraine after alleged exchanges between several German officials in arms deliveries to Ukraine were broadcast on social networks from Russia.

The exchanges, whose authenticity was confirmed by Berlin, “show once again the direct involvement of the collective West in the conflict in Ukraine,” Kremlin spokesman Dmitry told reporters.

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