War in Ukraine May 8: Drone strikes on Kyiv and new sanctions package submitted to member states

This Monday, May 8, Ukraine, like other European countries, commemorates the victory over Nazi Germany, while Russians will not commemorate the Soviet victory over the Nazis until tomorrow, Tuesday, May 9. Another step towards breaking away from Moscow.

Russia launched its largest ever wave of drones against Ukraine on Monday, ahead of the commemoration. A total of 60 Iranian-made drones struck Ukrainian targets, including 36 in Kiev, and all were shot down, according to the Ukrainian capital’s mayor. The debris hit apartments and other buildings, injuring at least five people.

According to the regional military administration, the Odesa region was also targeted overnight.May cause severe fire The attack caused a fire covering an area of ‚Äč‚Äčabout 1,000 m2 in a Red Cross humanitarian supply warehouse. According to the public prosecutor, one person died and three others were injured in the fire.

In full fear of a Ukrainian counterattack, the Russian administration in Crimea said Sunday it had foiled a nighttime attack by a dozen drones, attributed to Ukraine, on the Russian navy’s home port of Sevastopol. In the Black Sea. According to Moscow, the drones were neutralized by anti-aircraft defenses and electronic jamming.

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