War in Ukraine: Currently on the Ukrainian front, Russian commanders are exposing themselves

He noted the frequent accumulation.Multiple divisions to be commanded simultaneously by military personnel (beyond Rule 5)“. He also sparked the possibility.”Anarchic accumulation of various command structures in the wake of the reforms“The military in Russia.

All the analysts consulted by the AFP came together on the surprising unpreparedness of the Russian military before the attack.

According to Alexander Grinberg, a researcher at the Jerusalem Institute for Security and Strategy (JISS), although the circumstances of Gerasimo’s death are unknown, Sukhovsky was killed by a sniper. “He was killed two days after the operation because no one really considered war“In Russia, he explained to the AFP.”They thought it would be a police-type move to appoint a government loyal to Moscow [Volodimir] Zhelensky“The president of Ukraine, he added.It is not possible for an officer in this position to be too close to the fight“.

Eli Dennenbaum, a researcher at the French Institute for International Relations (IFRI), believes that the presence of officials at this level on the ground is a testament to Moscow.He asks the generals to lead their forces and take risks“To make up for a difficult moral situation.”Russian forces were not informed of the nature of the operation until 24 hours ago. Not until some return to Ukraine. So there has been a serious problem in trusting the executives“, He explains,”Troops’ morale and possibly exit problems, abandoned vehicles in the open“.

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