War in Ukraine: CNN intercepts most compromise records for Russia

“What’s the matter with you? Kill if there are civilians.” CNN Stolen Audio Message Type. Stunning content and cool phrases. According to the American news channel, it could be a Russian man, perhaps another military officer. “Throw bombs at the colonies, directly, does that make sense?”, He throws back at him. “Yes, that’s what I’m going to do,” he replied. “Burn these villages to ashes and kill them all,” the soldier closes.

This would prove that the Russians did not clearly understand the difference between civilians and Ukrainian soldiers. But it’s not the only horror you hear in different sounds. Others refer to the rape of Ukrainian women. “Basically, three soldiers raped a little girl. She is only sixteen years old“, A person explains in Russian. “Our soldiers?”The male asks a female before answering “Yes”. To conclude the discussion, she responds: “Shit”.

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