War in Ukraine: China has called for talks in the wake of alleged massacres in Russia

“China is ready to take an objective and reasonable position to continue to play a constructive role in its own way,” the Chinese Foreign Minister said.

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BDuring a meeting between the Chinese and Ukrainian foreign ministers, Ekin reiterated his call for peace talks to resolve the conflict in Ukraine, amid allegations that Russian forces had carried out massacres.

The international community has intensified its condemnation of Moscow in recent days, and the Russian military has denied any involvement following the discovery of bodies in the Kyiv region. China has repeatedly refused to condemn its Russian ally for its aggression against Ukraine, linking itself to Moscow’s argument that US intervention and NATO expansion are the cause of the conflict.

Monday’s phone call between Wang Yi and Dmitro Kuleba is the first high-level exchange between the two countries since March 1, when Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov traveled to Beijing for a series of meetings last week. In an interview at kyiv’s request, according to Beijing, Wang stressed that “China’s policy approach to the Ukraine issue is to promote peace talks.” According to an account provided by the Chinese Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

“The war will one day end, and the important thing is to learn from this painful experience how to properly maintain lasting security in Europe,” Wang said.

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Beijing believes in establishing a “balanced, effective and sustainable European defense mechanism” based on “equitable dialogue” and the “inseparable principle of security”. “China is ready to take an objective and reasonable position to continue to play a constructive role in its own way,” Wang said.

For his part, Mr. Kouleba tweeted on Monday, “Thanks to my Chinese partner for his solidarity with the affected public.” “We both share the belief that ending the war against Ukraine will serve the common interests of peace, global food security and international trade,” he added.

China’s diplomatic ties with Russia have raised fears that Beijing may be willing to provide the Kremlin with Western sanctions or supplies for war efforts. Senior EU officials on Friday warned Chinese President Xi Jinping against backing Russia and urging China to use its diplomatic influence to end the war.

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