Freezing fog, -9 degrees… Here’s the weather forecast for the weekend

Friday to Saturday nights will be very cold. This Saturday, the sun will make a fearful appearance in some areas.

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V.Sn Friday evening and early night, the weather will be variable and marked by wintry showers moving from north to south. Snow is expected in Upper Belgium, but one or the other more active (or later) rain will whiten the ground in other areas. At night, the weather will be drier with some sunshine. The Royal Institute of Meteorology is forecasting snow fog and indicating the risk of ice formation. A yellow warning for slippery conditions is in place for all of Belgium until midday Saturday and orange for Liège province. Nights will be cold, with values ​​close to -9 degrees locally in the Ardennes, -3 degrees in the center and near 0 degrees at sea.

On Saturday, the day will begin with sunny spells in some areas. It would also be necessary to deal with fields of low clouds or freezing fog, certainly in hot fogs. Also note the presence of ice in the first few hours. During the day, a low cloud cover from the German and Dutch borders will begin to spread over our country. A few rare scales may also hover. Maximum hots vary from -3 degrees in Fauna, +1 degree in the center and +3 degrees in the ocean.

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Saturday night into Sunday will be mostly cloudy with a risk of fog. Some clears will last a while along the coast. It is dry except for a few scales. Minima vary between -6 degrees in the Ardennes, -1 or -2 degrees in the center and 0 degrees on the coast.

On Sunday, the weather will be initially gray with a local chance of freezing fog. A few clear spells may penetrate the western and central parts of the country during the day. In the east, the weather will be mostly cloudy with occasional light snow showers in the afternoon. Highs will fluctuate between -3 degrees in the Fauna, +2 degrees in the center and +4 degrees in the ocean.

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On Monday, the weather will be dry with plenty of cloud cover, but some local clearing at times. The risk of freezing fog should be noted, especially in the Ardennes. Maximums vary between -2 degrees in the Hautes Fagnes and +3 degrees in lower and central Belgium.

On Tuesday, low clouds are expected locally with some clearing. The weather will be dry between 0 or -1 degrees in the Ardennes and +3 or +4 degrees in the west.

On Wednesday, the sky will be mostly cloudy with a risk of snow in the morning. A disturbance from the coast will gradually reach the country and the precipitation may freeze temporarily. Maximums vary from 0 degrees in the upper Ardennes, +2 or +3 degrees in the center and +6 degrees in the sea.

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