War in Ukraine: A German joke on panther tanks doesn’t go over well in Africa

Seeking support, Sergey Lavrov was at the same time in Angola, the third country on his African tour.

Ebba Kalondo, spokesperson for the head of the African Union Commission, questioned on Twitter whether German Foreign Minister Annalena Baerbach “came to see the animals” during her visit to the African Union’s headquarters in January. “Or is the African continent, its people and its wildlife just a joke to you?” He added that.

The baffled German foreign office said it was “sorry” and said the tweet was not intended to offend anyone and exposed “the lies Russia is using to justify its war of aggression” in Ukraine.

“Don’t act. Thinking of leopards as another German breed, we might be missing the explanation you’re pointing to,” Zainab Usman, director of the Africa Program at the ministry think tank, told the ministry. Carnegie Endowment for International Peace. The German did not consider the tweet to be elegant.

“Using terrible stereotypes about Africa,” which is likened to a vast landscape of wild animals in the bush, “a political jab at an enemy in a European war will not win African friends,” Zainab said. Usman.

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