War between Israel and Hamas: Alexandre de Crewe receives family members of Israeli hostages held by Hamas

At his office in Brussels on Wednesday evening, Prime Minister Alexandre de Groove called for the release of family members of Israeli hostages held by the Islamist movement Hamas in the Gaza Strip.

Among these people was Belgian-Israeli Adi Kan-El, who was in the kibbutz (collective farming village) of Nahal Oz with his three children when Hamas violently attacked Israeli territory on October 7.

“It is important for me to give a face to the families of those who were taken hostage (…),” the head of the federal government confirmed before interviewing the eight in Seize. “Taking hostages is a war crime. It is intolerable,” he added, calling on Hamas to release the hostages. The recent release of four hostages by Mr. De Crewe recalled. “Putting pressure on Hamas has leverage,” he stressed.

According to the latest figures from Israeli authorities, some 220 hostages are still being held by the Islamist movement after they were kidnapped in Israeli territory on October 7.

“We want everything to be done to prevent further civilian casualties,” the prime minister reiterated in his address to Israel. Representatives of families invited to speak before the Foreign Relations Committee were welcomed into the House a little earlier.

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