Vladimir Putin: “Blackmail” and “destabilization” are “defeatable”

In a brief televised address on Monday evening, Vladimir Putin paid tribute to Russians and Wagner’s soldiers who avoided bloodshed two days after Yevkuny Prigozhin’s rebellion.

During a televised speech, Vladimir Putin returned to what happened over the weekend in Russia.

The Russian president first thanked “almost all Russian society” for showing itself “united” by “responsibility for the fatherland” during the mutiny of Wagner’s soldiers.

The Russian president thanked “the majority of Wagner fighters” for abandoning the “bloodbath”. These are “Patriots loyal to their people”, he said. These would have been “used in arms against their brethren”.

“I thank the soldiers and fighters of Wagner who did not allow blood to be shed and decided to stop.“, said the President.

Wagner’s soldiers are now “Opportunity to continue to serve Russia, signing an agreement with the Ministry of Defense”.

It was because of this unification treaty that Wagner’s forces mutinied.

However, the rebellion “failed”, according to V. Putin announced.

“Any threat, any attempt at disruption will end in failure.”He hammered the Russian president.

“Almost all Russian society was united for the motherland (…) All decisions were taken to neutralize the danger, to preserve the constitutional order and the lives of our fellow citizens.”

“Rebellion will be suppressed”, The Kremlin leader said.

The Russian president has also condemned those who organized the riots. “Those who took this criminal action to divide the country… They are enemies of Russia Who wanted “Russian soldiers to kill each other”.

Vladimir Putin does not quote Evgeny Prigogine openly. However, he said, Wagner’s heads may leave Russia.

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According to Vladimir Putin, the West and Ukraine wanted it “Such fratricide”.

Monday evening_,_ The Russian president thanked state security officials on Monday for their work during the aborted armed uprising by the Wagner group.

“I have called you together to thank you for the work done these past few days and to discuss the situation”During this meeting held in the presence of Minister of Defense Sergei Shoigu, Mr. Putin announced, but in the absence of Chief of Staff Valery Kurasimov, the two were declared enemies of Wagner’s chief, Evgu√©ni Prigojine.

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