US Republican Primaries: Ron DeSantis Challenges Donald Trump

The Florida gubernatorial run has been anticipated for months this Wednesday, with Elon Musk leading the way on Twitter. Donald Trump’s primary challenger, DeSantis, shows ultra-nationalist pretensions, but isn’t already screwing up in the polls, weighed down by his ultra-radical positions on the “woke” question.

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SHis name monopolizes conversations and social dinners among Republicans: Is Ron DeSantis a real alternative to Donald Trump as America’s right-wing presidential race approaches? With stocky, blue-blue eyes, a defensive and slightly aloof demeanor, cowboy boots and rolled-up shirts, Florida’s current governor appeals to the conservative crowd and dreams of a presidential destiny. At 44, he is neither the first nor the last in the ranks of the Grand Old Party (GOP) to be disillusioned about his chances of reaching the White House in 2025. For eight years, legions of Republican candidates have hit a cliff. Named Trump, he conquered the “Party of Lincoln” and reshaped it into a cult around his personality.

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