The suspect initially wanted to kill foreigners in Saint-Denis, an event he explained fueled his hatred of immigrants.

The man, who was removed from police custody on Saturday for health reasons and taken to the police headquarters psychiatric hospital, described himself as “depressed” and “suicidal”, noting that he “always wanted to kill immigrants, foreigners”. Since her home was burgled in 2016, Ms Becua said.


He regards the robbery as “an incitement to hatred of foreigners.

The suspect, a retired train driver with French citizenship, violently assaulted his robbers. On June 30 he was sentenced to twelve months in prison for assault with a weapon, which he appealed.

On the day of the events, he “first went to Saint-Denis (Seine-Saint-Denis) early in the morning, armed with his weapon and ammunition, to commit murders on the foreign population”, according to the prosecutor.

On reaching the spot, he abandoned “some of the bystanders and prevented him from easily loading the weapon with his clothes,” he added, adding that the traffic ticket and the first operational video surveillance confirmed the movement.

Returning to his parents’ home in Paris, he “knows where the Kurdish center is located and decides to walk to the rue d’Enghien, knowing this neighborhood”.

The 60-year-old explained that he was angry at “all the immigrants” and that he was “angry at him for taking Kurds prisoner during the war against Daesh and attacking victims he didn’t know (Islamic State Organization, Editor’s Note) instead of killing them +”, explains Ms Bekwa.

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The man “did not predetermine the number of victims, but intended to kill himself with the last bullet by using all the ammunition,” the lawyer said.

When he was arrested before police intervened at a hair salon, his weapon was found to be “four chargers with a total of 14 rounds of ammunition, a box of 25 rounds of ammunition”.

“My only regret is not being able to commit suicide,” he admitted, adding that he always told himself that if he committed suicide one day, he would take his enemies to their graves. Asked + all non-European foreigners +”, explained Mrs. Bekuu.

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