Unprecedented Europol report on Moroccan criminals

According to the report, these networks operate in more than 40 countries, notably Albania, Great Britain, Italy, Morocco and Turkey and are active mainly in cocaine trafficking, but also cannabis trafficking and money laundering. They are mainly located in Belgium, Germany, Spain and the Netherlands. They are also active in countries outside Europe, including the United Arab Emirates. “All criminal networks with key Moroccan members include elements of different nationalities who collaborate with Belgian, Dutch and Spanish criminals and maintain close links with Morocco,” Europol reveals. As for the criminal networks that threaten the EU, they are made up of individuals of around 112 nationalities. These networks are involved in drug trafficking, particularly cocaine and cannabis, and operate mainly in Belgium, Colombia, Costa Rica, Ecuador, France, Italy, Morocco, the Netherlands, Spain and the United Arab Emirates.

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The European Police Bureau is also interested in criminal networks with prominent Spanish members. He found that these networks are “composed of multi-national elements that collaborate and share key roles and are primarily involved in drug trafficking, environmental crimes and fraud”. “These organizations operate in nearly 50 countries, notably Belgium, China, Colombia, France, Germany, Italy, Morocco, the Netherlands, Portugal and Spain,” he notes. Furthermore, Europol further notes that 56% of the most threatening criminal networks have the ability to obtain large financial resources to support their activities: some are capable of earning more than a million euros per year, while others can reach a billion euros.

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This report was prepared in collaboration with the Member States of the European Union and Europol Partner Countries.

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