United States: Trump’s tax returns may be turned over to Congress

The US Supreme Court on Tuesday authorized the transfer of Donald Trump’s tax returns to Congress, rejecting the former Republican president’s final appeal.

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UA House of Representatives committee in the hands of Democrats has been seeking for three years until January documents the billionaire sent to tax officials between 2015 and 2020.

But, unlike all tenants of the White House since the 1970s, Donald Trump has always refused to release his tax returns, and he has fought hard in the courts to block Congressional demands.

After several episodes, a federal appeals court authorized tax officials to send the documents to a House committee in late October. The real estate mogul filed an urgent appeal to the United States Supreme Court to block the transfer.

On November 1, he suspended the exchange of documents while waiting for elements to decide the merits.

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After receiving arguments from both sides, he rejected Donald Trump’s request on Tuesday. In keeping with its practices, it does not explain its motivations.

Although it has been profoundly changed by the former president, the high court has made several setbacks on the matter and specifically authorized the transfer of financial documents in 2020 to a New York judge hearing his affairs.

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Donald Trump’s lack of transparency, making his wealth a campaign argument, has fueled years of speculation about the extent of his fortune or conflicts of interest.

The Commission, which called for these tax returns to formulate rules of ethics in the affairs of the Presidents, should not make them public. In January, Republicans will regain control and possibly drop the job.

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