New problems for Eva Kylie: after the Qatar scandal, she is suspected of European budget fraud

Eva Kaili has not yet completed Belgian justice in the Qatargate case, she is in the crosshairs of the European Prosecutor’s Office (EPO). On December 15, he said he had already asked the European Parliament to lift the immunity of a Greek Socialist MEP, as well as his colleague and fellow Conservative member of the European People’s Party, Maria Spiraki.

The request from the European Public Prosecutor’s Office came five days after Ms Kylie was arrested by Belgian police as part of an investigation into foreign interference and corruption in the European Parliament. The two Greek elected officials are suspected of defrauding the European budget, the management of parliamentary payments and in particular the remuneration of accredited parliamentary assistants, according to a European investigation by the European Public Prosecutor’s Office. Anti-Fraud Office

The European Public Prosecutor’s Office enters the dance

Our colleagues Politics A letter sent by Eppo to the President of the European Parliament, Roberta Metsola, which mentions the facts suspected by Eva Kaili, was recently accessed. Between 2014 and 2020, he allegedly provided false information about the activities and whereabouts of four authorized parliamentary assistants. She takes a percentage of the reimbursements given to the assistants for these absent trips and takes a portion of their salaries. Maria Spiracki lied about the activities and movements of the two aides, but did not recover part of their back pay and salary, according to documents seen by them. Politics.

Greece says she is the target of forces with malignant political motivations

Requests to waive immunity have already been submitted to the European Parliament’s Committee on Legal Affairs (Jury), which will recommend the European Parliament vote in plenary session. Ms Spiracki, who maintains her innocence, has already been heard twice behind closed doors by members of the jury commission. Eva Kaïli is not, as she was locked up until recently.

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Through the voices of his lawyers, Belgian Sven Marie and Greek Michaelis Dimitrakopoulos, the former vice-president of the European Parliament says he is innocent of the facts he is accused of. His lawyers say.After thorough verification of the companies, it appears that there is no corruption in compensation. to his assistants. Also, to speak on behalf of their client: “It is clear that some forces acting in the name of serious political agenda are trying to criminalize the noble administrative practices of Parliament. Because they realized that the charges against me in another case. [le Qatargate] are collapsing.”

Qatar is suspected of wanting to pay the European Parliament

Ms Kylie is among those charged by a Belgian judge in the so-called Qatargate affair, including former Italian MEP Pier-Antonio Panzeri, Belgian and Italian MEPs Marc Tarabella and Andrea Cozzolino, and parliamentary assistant Francesco Giorgi, a companion of elected Greece.

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