Ukraine wins Eurovision 2022, Belgium 19th

Which is the most beautiful European song of 2022? This was decided by the finals of the Eurovision Song Contest held in Turin on Saturday evening.

The protagonist of the festivities with Mika and Alessandro Catellan, Laura Bouzini opened the ball with a medley to mark her beautiful songs and event, the translator of “La Solitudine” from Italian to Italian and Spanish and even Spanish and French.

Commenting on La Une, Jean-Louis Lahaye and Maureen Louys warn viewers: Jérémie Makiese, who represents Belgium, will move up to 16th place this evening.

The Czech Republic enters the scene following Romania. Representing Portugal, Maro entertains the public with the song “Saudade Saudade”, which discusses the death of the singer’s grandfather.

“It wanders through the pancake thunder”

After nearly 20 years of international success in the shadows, the Rasmus team has been preserving the colors of Finland. In the beginning, singer Larry Jonen blinks at Stephen King and his novel “It”. Internet users are separated at the end of the service. One of them writes on social media that “they should rely on the ‘shadow’ (shadow, author’s note) rather than coming to Eurovision”. After crossing Switzerland, the French Alvan and Ahes became the target of the web with their Breton title Fullen. “It’s a pancake thunderstorm,” says Maureen Lewis, who enjoys reading some of the comments aloud.

Norwegians come on stage with their masks and sunglasses on. “It’s not the Mignons (the characters in” I, Ugly and Wicked “, the editor’s note), it’s Norwegians,” the presenter laughs.

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Following this Armenia with its singer pajamas, Mahmoud and Blanco in Italy were praised by the public and with the Spanish channel, its representative isolated even the most provocative outfits. “Chanel, I like it. She’s tearing up, not just her clothes!”, He begins the host again with a laugh.

After the Netherlands, the most favorite representatives of Ukraine in this edition enter the stage, wearing a pink hat on the skull. Their performance in the Kalush band will end under the yellow and blue colors of the Ukrainian flag. In the end, one of the group’s members used the event’s media coverage to launch a call for help for his war – torn country.

Germany, Lithuania, Azerbaijan and here we are in Belgium. Like the best performance ever given in the second semifinal, James Bond starred flawlessly with his title “Miss You” which deserves the soundtrack.

Iceland follows in the footsteps of Greece and is a favorite, followed by Moldova with its title, which mixes folk tales and rock and roll. Cornelia Jacobs, who represents Sweden, caused another stir by “holding me close.” Following this, Eurovision’s guests for the 60th anniversary of the competition are Australia, the United Kingdom, Poland and Serbia with its famous hand washing dance. Estonia closes this version.

After the polls began and before the results were announced, last year’s Italian winner Maneskin performed on stage and ended with the words: “Have fun and, above all, do not stay close to the table!” (Laughs). An acknowledgment of the controversy that arose following his victory in 2021. The singer was suspected of consuming drugs during the competition. Allegations that the group has always denied and whose trials were successful from the group.

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At the top of the rankings, the United Kingdom loses its leader position in favor of Ukraine, which received 439 points from the general public after a referendum. This excellent ranking will hold it until the end of the war-torn country. In this 66th edition of the Eurovision Song Contest, with 631 points, Ukraine beat the United Kingdom, Spain and Sweden. Belgium is ranked 19th. On the other hand, a severe blow to France who finished the final in this edition.

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