Ukraine claims to have shot down six Russian hypersonic missiles

I amUkrainian air defenses went into action early on Tuesday to prevent a new “sophisticated” attack by drones and missiles in Kiev, a day after President Volodymyr Zelenskiy was reported to have returned to the capital after a European tour.

“The enemy launched a complex attack from several directions, simultaneously using drones, cruise missiles and probably ballistic missiles,” Kiev’s military authority said in a press release posted on its Telegram account.

“It was exceptional in its density, the maximum number of missiles in a very tight time frame. According to preliminary information, most of the enemy targets in the sky over Kyu have been detected and destroyed! Some time ago, Kyiv Mayor Vitaly Klitschko said in his Telegram account that the city’s anti-aircraft defense is working, in the Darnytskyi district in the south of the city. He also reported the wreckage of a drone and the remains of a missile. “Three people were injured in Solomyansky district,” he added.

After a European tour that took him to Italy, Germany, France and the United Kingdom, Mr. The new late-night attack comes a day after Zelensky’s reported return to Q. “For the front (…) return home with new and powerful weapons,” said Mr. Zelensky announced in a video message to his fellow citizens after completing his one-day trip, where he received anti-aircraft missiles. And he said he was optimistic about the future supply of fighter jets.

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After Rome, Berlin and Paris, came the British leg of Mr Zelensky’s European tour, which the Ukrainian military claimed was the ‘first success’ of an offensive in months on the flanks of Baghmouth, the eastern heartland of the war. By the Russians. But the time for a massive counteroffensive had not yet arrived, and Volodymyr Zelensky was relaxed during the day, and when Rishi Sunak received him near London, he repeated that Kiev “needs more time.”

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The British government has promised to deliver “hundreds” of anti-aircraft missiles and long-range attack drones (up to 200 kilometers) to Kyiv in the “coming months”. These will be added to the Storm Shadow cruise missiles pledged by London last week, the type of weapon Ukraine has been demanding for months to hit targets behind the front line. The Russian military claimed to have already shot down one of these devices.

Russian presidential spokesman Dmitry Peskov assured that the reinforcement of British aid would cause “further destruction” but “will not have a significant impact on the course” of the conflict. But British Prime Minister Rishi Sunak insisted that British aid was long-term and that London would play a “key role” in the “coalition” that Kiev wants to succeed in providing it with fighter jets. “I think it will happen very soon, and you will be informed of the decisions that I think are very important,” Volodymyr Zelensky said on Monday, adding that he was “very optimistic.”

Apart from Slovakia and Poland, which began taking delivery of Soviet-designed Mig-29 fighter jets in late March and early April respectively, no European country has yet offered to supply fighter jets to Kiev. However, the United Kingdom will already train Ukrainian pilots this summer. Emmanuel Macron announced during an interview on the TF1 channel on Monday evening that he had “opened the door to training” for Ukrainian pilots “right now” and “with many European countries that are ready for this”. On the other hand, he refused to discuss the delivery of fighter jets to Kiev, except as “a theoretical discussion” at this stage.

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Chinese ambassador

On the diplomatic level, the 46 member states of the Council of Europe met for a summit in Iceland on Tuesday afternoon to show their solidarity against Moscow. The pan-European body’s fourth summit in nearly 75 years aims to step up measures to hold Russia criminally responsible for the destruction and crimes caused by its occupation of Ukraine.

The Ukrainian president, a member state leader, has been invited, but it is unclear whether he will make the trip to Reykjavik following his European tour. A senior Ukrainian government official said Chinese Ambassador Li Hui, the special envoy for Eurasian affairs responsible for discussing the resolution of the situation in Ukraine in particular, is scheduled to visit Kiev on Tuesday and Wednesday.

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