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Former US President Donald Trump, who has accused the writer of raping her, E. Jean took charge again Wednesday in a defamation case against Carroll.

Donald Trump, who is hoping to retake the White House in 2024, was found liable by a New York civil court jury in 1996 for “sexual assault” and defamation against the former Elle magazine columnist. For comments made in October 2022.

But E. Jean Carroll had filed a complaint against Donald Trump in 2019 for previous statements, following her first rape allegations in a book. In June 2019, the then US president said the author invented the allegations to “sell a new book”. That 2019 action was delayed by procedural wrangling, but it ran its course and a second jury trial was set for January 15, 2024.

Judge Louis Kaplan of New York’s Southern District Court has already ruled on Wednesday that Donald Trump’s comments in 2019 were “defamatory”, “false” and “malicious”, based on a decision handed down in May. This means, e. The jury will have sole jurisdiction to determine the amount of damages Donald Trump owes Jean Carroll.

Trump’s defensive reaction

“We’re very confident that the ‘Carroll II’ ruling (the May ruling, editor’s note) will be overturned on appeal, making (Wednesday’s) decision irrelevant,” responded Alina Hubba, one of Donald Trump’s lawyers. .

On his way back to the White House, Donald Trump faces several legal setbacks. He was charged by federal authorities with “conspiracy against the United States government” for trying to stay in power despite his loss in the 2020 presidential election. Principal State. He has been indicted by a federal judge in the White House dossier in an investigation into his negligent handling of classified documents.

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