Ubisoft’s canceled sequel is inspired by the Wind Waker, Elden Ring

sequel to Immortals: Phoenix Rising (The 2020 Greek-inspired open-world adventure game) was canceled in July 2023, and we’re now learning exactly what that game was supposed to be about – and just how out of the ordinary Ubisoft was going to be.

according to AxiosStephen Totilowhich broke the news on Aug. 21, was an ambitious sequel (codenamed Oxygen) that would combine the features of two distinct and beloved games: FromSoftware’s action RPG. cauldron ring And Nintendo The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker. Anonymous sources familiar with the game’s development spoke to Totilo, and detailed a picture of “a vast game set across a fictionalized version of the Polynesian archipelago, created primarily by the Quebec-based Ubisoft studio but developed alongside Polynesian consultants.”

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“The goal was also to make the game very different from the rest of the Ubisoft portfolio,” said a source. Axios. Instead of the typical Ubisoft map filled with heavily icons, Immortals 2 It will have far fewer map markers, and require players to “look a little harder to figure out where to go, by tracking animals, tracking winds, or navigating through the location of stars in the sky in-game,” one source claimed. The primary inspiration for this change? cauldron ring.

The sequel will reportedly be very different from the original immortals, with more realistic graphics, abandoning the first game’s narrator, fewer puzzles, and “a more fluid story in which player choice matters”. according to Axiossources, the player character would “attempt to win the favor of various Polynesian deities” that would grant them special elemental powers and the ability to shapeshift. They would get new tattoos on their bodies based on the narrative choices they make in the game, all of which are deeply rooted in Polynesian cultural traditions and the concept of Mana, or the belief that there is a supernatural force that flows through humans, animals, plants, and more.The player’s decisions will affect the different islands they are located on. Immortals 2 was to be set.

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according to AxiosPart of the reason Immortals 2 It’s primed so Ubisoft can focus on well-established IP like Assassin’s Creed Red. the first immortals The game was developed in just over a year, but the sequel has been taking longer due to its ambitious scope and relatively small development team. Apparently, however, “there were several hours of playable available in an internal demo” by spring 2023, and Ubisoft was “at a tipping point as to whether to fund full development or cancel the project”.

We know Ubisoft eventually decided to do just that, however KotakuEthan Gash noted in July 2023, Immortals: Phoenix Rising It was “too good” and the idea of ​​a more broad sequel abandoned some elements Tired signs Ubisoft looks exciting. Well, I think we’ll get more Doctrine killer games instead.

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