Two people died and more than 450 were evacuated due to violent rains

“We have two confirmed victims, (…) one from a house collapse and the other, an old man on a bicycle, who was carried away by the floodwaters,” we learned from the ‘Emilia-Romagna’ firefighters. According to the same source, “we cannot rule out the presence of other people who collapsed in the house, and special teams are working on the spot”.


The man, an 80-year-old man who cycled through a ‘no-traffic area’, left ‘two people missing’ in the collapsed house, where firefighters have so far found only one body, the region said in a statement. .

Also, more than 450 people have been evacuated in the area of ​​the city of Ravenna and many roads in this part of central Italy are impassable.

According to Italian Railways, local train lines are also disrupted.

The rain continued for 48 hours until midday on Wednesday, but it maintains a “red alert until midnight tomorrow (Thursday) in many parts of Emilia-Romagna due to further flooding”.

Last September, violent weather that hit central Italy killed at least ten people, flooding streets and homes. In November, seven people died on the island of Ischia facing Naples during a landslide triggered by heavy rains.

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