Two children lost their lives…

Two children died early Saturday morning in a house fire in Selles (Eure), where they were to spend anniversary celebrations with their families, our colleagues from VDN explain.

The victims, a girl aged about 8 and a boy aged about ten, were unable to get out of the burning building and went into cardiorespiratory arrest while firefighters were evacuating them.

A third child, who was in cardio-respiratory arrest, was resuscitated. The young girl, about twelve years old, was evacuated to a Paris hospital “in full haste.”

Alarm at 3:45 am

In total, five adults and five children from the same family, four generations from the same family, were in this second home near Pont-Audemars, said Isabelle Torliat-Boucet, general secretary of the Ure province. Ms Torliot-Boucet said the five adults, including a minor grandmother, and two other children managed to get out of the building in time.


Firefighters were alerted to the incident around 3:45 a.m. and rushed to the scene, but the fire was already so advanced that the Norman farmhouse was engulfed in flames. An investigation has been opened to determine the cause of the fire, which is “unknown at this stage”, Ms Torliat-Boucet said.

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