Two buildings collapsed in the city of Lille this Saturday: this young man saved his life

Two adjacent buildings are on the public highway, France Losirs and Tap All Children’s Clothing.

The first was vacant due to financial concerns, and almost a year ago, the second was closed for work.

This shopping and apartment block is located on rue Pierre Mauroy, between the magnificent Saint-Maurice church and the Carlton Hotel. More broadly between the town hall at the opera.

A journalist of our colleague from La Voix du Nord, who was going to his editorial office nearby during the tragedy, explains that he saw the bricks start to fall and he had time to get back. There was no explosion.

An evacuation from Friday to Saturday night has now been confirmed following some fears. This avoids a significant number of victims…

The enclosure is surrounded by a wall. Firefighters intervene. Identification of the dogs is underway.

Lille’s mayor, Martin Aubrey, soon appeared on the scene. She spoke nearby:

“The building at No. 44 led to No. 42.

There were no casualties or injuries. Last night we evacuated the building because the municipal police and firefighters were informed by a young man who came back late that there were disturbances in the building (…) We issued an emergency order and evacuated everyone. Had that person not joined us that night, there would have been deaths this morning. I’m shaking…

There was one person in the back building that was not in a state of collapse. We emptied it. He was alone in this area. “

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