Trump’s famous forensic photo would have already brought him

Donald Trump’s campaign said Sunday it has raised $7.1 million since Thursday’s release of a mugshot of the former Republican president in connection with his impeachment in Georgia.

Covered face, furrowed brows, expectant look: Donald Trump was shot at an Atlanta jail, a first for a former president in US history.

The favorite in the 2024 Republican primaries has gotten away with three of his previous criminal charges, but the billionaire is accused of trying to manipulate the 2020 presidential election in this southern state. Cut to this shot at this point.

As soon as the image was released, the “Trump 2024” campaign group riffed on the “mug shot” effect, launching an appeal to every American “patriot,” saying in a press release that it “attempts to create a state of shadow.” President Trump is public enemy number one for daring to challenge the corrupt ruling class in Washington.

How Donald Trump Turns His Forensic Photography into a Weapon of Political Communication

In a statement to AFP on Sunday, a spokesman for Donald Trump’s campaign confirmed that “nearly $20 million has been raised in the past three weeks, consistent with the indictment in Washington and the photo identification court in Atlanta.”

“Thursday $7.1 million. $4.18 million yesterday,” Saturday produced the biggest fundraiser “in one day of the entire campaign,” Steven Cheung advanced.

AFP could not independently verify the claims on Sunday.

At X (formerly Twitter), Steven Cheung urged the media to “keep showing” the photo, including what he says is a high-definition version of the image.

Mugs, mugs, stickers

If such a photo could kill the political aspirations of many candidates, Donald Trump is using it to his advantage to present himself as a “hero”, the victim of persecution and a “witch hunt” orchestrated by Joe Biden’s Democrats.

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Democrats also used the photo, however, no one is above the law.

Joe Biden himself joked about the photo, telling reporters who questioned him on Friday: “I saw her on TV. A cute guy.”

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