Israel's war on Gaza live: Israel bombs Gaza as student protests grow | News of the Israeli war on Gaza

There are several hundred people here now.

They've been moved outside the main courtyard, where there are probably only about a dozen people still in their tents and intending to stay another night out to make their voices heard.

This road has been closed and hundreds of people have come here to see and offer their support, to lend their voices to tell the students still inside the courtyard that they are not alone.

Many of them have discussed how their parents and grandparents protested years ago, in the 1960s, against the Vietnam War on college campuses across America, and in the 1980s against apartheid in South Africa.

Every time they are criticized, they are attacked and told that what they are doing is wrong and will not change anything.

And this is kind of pushing this last generation into the streets, to make their voices heard, because they believe that what's happening in Gaza should be addressed by the United States government, and also, individually, through the universities as well.

They are talking about divesting any interests in Israeli companies, and cutting ties with companies linked to Israel. And also ensure that those who organized the protests here do not face any repercussions.

George Washington University students demonstrate on campus after police shut down the student camp Friday in Washington [Jose Luis Magana/AP Photo]
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