Trump wants to bully Russia and Ukraine into peace talks

Donald Trump Responds to Conflict in Ukraine: “If I'm President, This Terrible War Will Be Over in 24 Hours or Less”

But Donald Trump seems to be thinking more and more about how to end the conflict between the two countries. If he's re-elected, Republicans could try to bring the two warlords to the negotiating table. However, Ukraine has repeatedly confirmed that it will not participate in any talks as long as Russian forces remain on its border.

To solve this problem and force the two sides to come together and start peace talks, Trump and his team will have a very simple strategy: intimidate them. Therefore, if Ukraine refuses to negotiate, the US will threaten to cut military aid necessary to maintain Ukrainian forces. But if Russia refuses to participate in the talks, Washington will send more aid to Kyiv. The news outlet also reveals that some of the former president's advisers, such as Robert O'Brien and Larry Kudlow, would support tougher sanctions against the Russian central bank.

Is Russia ready to accept a ceasefire in Ukraine? “Putin is a puppeteer, we are puppets”

Trump and his team are reportedly discussing amending NATO's amendment, including Article 5, which states that an attack on any member of the alliance is tantamount to an attack on all its members. But Donald Trump said the policy would only apply to “members who meet the goal of 2% of GDP in defense spending,” Bloomberg writes. An unthinkable proposal, according to NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg, is Article 5 of NATO's founding principle. “Any suggestion that we are not there to protect and defend all allies undermines the security of all of us and endangers our soldiers, our personnel.”

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The Atlantic Alliance pledges its strengthened support to Ukraine

However, the Logan Act does not allow any private citizen to pursue foreign policy on behalf of the United States. This is why the Republican and his team are careful not to start such a process.

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