Finland: Prime Minister’s Video Controversial (Photos and Video)

A new video emerged on Saturday showing Finnish Prime Minister Sanna Marin dancing with a singer at a Helsinki club, surprising her fellow citizens after criticism earlier this week.

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LA photo of Ms Marin, 36, dancing with singer Olavi Usivirta, taken with a smartphone, has sparked controversy. For a moment, the 39-year-old singer leans forward and seems to whisper a few words into the prime minister’s ear. Some internet users see it as a sensual kiss on the neck.

The first video, widely shared on social media on Thursday and published by various media outlets, shows him dancing uncontrollably with a group of people at a private residence before heading to two bars in the capital.

“These videos are private, they were shot in private places. I spent an evening with friends,” he explained at a press conference on Friday.

Some criticized Ms Marin’s dancing as inappropriate behavior for a prime minister, while others felt she had the right to entertain at a private party.

Controversial rumors are also circulating about comments made by unidentified individuals about drugs.

“To clear any doubt, I took a drug test today,” he told reporters. The results are expected to be published within a week, he added.

The Prime Minister admitted to drinking alcohol. But he assured that none of the participants were seen using drugs.

He said in his press conference on Friday that he did not remember kissing the neck. “I saw this video myself and it seems like someone is talking to me, meaning telling me something,” he said.

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His personal life

“True, I am married, I think these are matters that belong to my personal life and I am not going to comment on them in detail. I don’t think anything inappropriate is happening in this video,” he added.

Singer Uzivirta also commented on the video on Friday. “There has been public speculation about the nature of the relationship between me and Prime Minister Sanna Marin. I can say it like this: we are friends, nothing inappropriate happened between us,” he wrote on Instagram.

Ms Marin, who was nominated in 2019 at the age of 34, has previously faced criticism over parties held at her home.




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