Trump Sues His ‘Pit Bull’ Ex For $500 Million

Republican billionaire Michael Cohen is alleging professional secrecy and breach of a nondisclosure agreement that brought them together, and is seeking $500 million in damages.

In her complaint, filed in federal court located in Florida, the former attorney alleges that she “defamed herself in books, podcasts and public statements in order to gain money and fame.”

Michael Cohen, according to him, “showed confidence” and “spread lies”, which “damaged his image greatly”.

Nicknamed “Donald Trump’s pit bull,” Michael Cohen once said he was ready to “take a bullet” for his boss.

She paid $130,000 out of her own pocket to keep quiet about her sexual relationship with Donald Trump in 2016, shortly before the 2016 presidential election.

Donald Trump is the actor of an unlikely episode in American history

In January 2018, the Wall Street Journal revealed the transaction. First, Michael Cohen shut the president down and promised never to be repaid.

But the article piqued Justice’s interest. Surrounded by investigators who discovered tax fraud in his accounts, Michael Cohen turned against Donald Trump. He admitted receiving eleven checks to cover expenses incurred by the porn star.

However, these payments were recorded as “legal fees” in the Trump Organization’s accounts, which resulted in Donald Trump being indicted by a New York judge on April 4 on 34 counts of “falsification of accounting”.

Never before in the entire history of the United States has a former president been criminally prosecuted. Donald Trump, who dreams of winning back the White House in 2024, denounced “political harassment”.

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