The prime suspect’s ex-boyfriend says she’s ‘off the ball a bit’

The main suspect, Thabia B., a 24-year-old Algerian, confessed to killing Lola, 12, during interrogation in police custody under irregular circumstances. Her account of the facts, before finally retreating, is blood-curdling. Tabia B. Admittedly, during the fourth police interrogation, he took Lola to her sister’s apartment, where she asked him to bathe the child and sexually abused her. “I grabbed her hair and put her head between my legs […], I reached a peak”, she admitted. She tapes Lola’s face, who eventually dies of suffocation.


On BFMTV, one of the ex-partners of the young woman was interviewed and explained that shortly before the horrific events, Dabia B. had begun to learn a lot about evangelicalism and Satanism. It describes a weak person ten days ago when he passed on a psychological level.

“She’s lost her mind a little bit and she’s talking to herself. She was talking between her lips… I said to her, ‘What are you talking about?’ She replied ‘Nothing, nothing, between me and myself.’ She told me: ‘In my dreams, I see my mother a lot and I don’t know what she’s telling me,'” she explains.

He notes that both of Tabia B.’s parents had died, which prompted her to turn to religion in a concrete way: “When I last saw her, she was derailed compared to religion. She told me ‘I’m going to the cross, I’m going to be a Christian, I’m going to church.’ I asked why. She told me, because I am eating, it is good, my mother is dead, my father is dead. »

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“She started going to evangelical ministry. I saw him drawing an eye in the style of a triangle (hint: a symbol that could be interpreted as a representation of God’s eye on man), before recalling the suspect’s qualities: “She is very beautiful, she is very beautiful, she is very kind… I like her like that. Don’t know, she went out with me, she came with me to Marseille, Cannes, Côte d’Azur. »

“When I found out it was her, I fell into a thousand pieces, I was completely shocked,” he concludes into BFM’s microphone.


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