Trump 2024 presidential candidate? A counselor gives details

The real estate tycoon has hinted earlier that he might run.

“President Trump will announce his presidential run on Tuesday. It would be a very professional, very elegant announcement,” said Jason Miller, an adviser to Donald Trump on Steve Bannon’s “War Room” podcast, another close friend of his.

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United States: Republicans will regain partial control of Congress

The 76-year-old Republican thinks the question of his candidacy “hasn’t even arisen,” Mr. Miller explained that he had spoken to him earlier in the day.

“Of course I’m going to introduce myself. I’m going to do it, I want to let people know I’m fired and get the country back on track,” Donald Trump assured her.

“Everyone knows I’m going to show up, so let’s go,” he added.

Donald Trump’s run for the White House will be his third bid. But even as his influence in the Republican Party is undeniable, he emerged weakened from last Tuesday’s midterms, a time when many of his lieutenants were disillusioned.

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Midterms: US pollsters turn up none

The conservative “wave” hoped for by his supporters has not been broken, and even if the final results are not yet known, Democrats appear to have succeeded in damage control.

A suspenseful counting of votes continued on Friday, with control of the Congress uncertain, several days after polling.

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Republicans looked well on their way to a majority in the House of Representatives, but they were still seven seats short.

For the Senate, a vote in Nevada and another in Arizona will be decisive. If a party wins these two seats, it wins the upper house.

But if one goes to the Republican Party and the other to the Democratic Party, Americans will have to be patient. Then it will all be played out in Georgia, where no candidate has collected the 50% of votes needed to win the senatorial seat on Tuesday, with a runoff scheduled for December 6.

Unlike Donald Trump, Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis, who was victoriously re-elected, is crowned with the image of this election season’s big winner. The victory of this new star of the hard right cemented his place as the former president’s potential rival for the Republican nomination.

It didn’t escape the billionaire, who this week chained spades and taunts against the man he nicknamed “Rhone-la-Morelle.”

And, calendar coincidence or not, Tuesday will also be the day for the release of the memoirs of another potential rival to Donald Trump, his former vice president, Mike Pence.

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