Representatives of the National Rally joined Eric Jemmore, who continues to reduce Marine Le Pen

The fratricidal war is getting tougher on the far right: Eric Jemmore continues to hunt down Gilbert Callard from the RN in a friendly area of ​​Cannes on Saturday as he seeks to weaken his presidential rival, Marine Le Pen.

The 73-year-old RN MEP and lawyer suggested changing his team on Facebook on Friday. “Tomorrow I am going to bathe in the river […] Rubicon “, Said on the social website. Other names were in circulation in the RN 78 days before the first round of the presidential election.

Damien Rieu, a former member of the MEP Jérme Rivière RN and Generation Identity, already traveled with Eric Zemmour in Menton on Friday.

These dissidents should generally, in a line close to Marion Marachel, judge that the Catholic identity of France is the “Union of Rights” and that Marine Le Pen has “softened” in his anti-immigration campaign. Mr. Rivier thus mocked Saturday “L.A.He was the little monk of Le Pen. She’s very interested in the second round and she’s becoming the ultimate variant of the system. “

“Egos overheat and betrayals bathe in all the rubies of bitterness and childish jealousy”, Perpignan’s RN mayor Louis Aliot, who was loyal to the Le Pen camp, was slammed on Twitter.

Ahead of the Gilbert Callard march, which was relatively marginalized at the party, Marine Le Pen reduced the event. “In election campaigns, there will always be some changes of interest that are inversely proportional to the effects on the electorate.”, She smiled at Frages on Thursday.

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In this case, the RN candidate polled Mr. Zemmour is ahead, putting his neck and neck with right-wing candidate Valérie Pécresse, often 17 or 18% in the first round, behind Eric Gemmer (about 13%), but lagging behind Emmanuel Macron (24% to 25%).

Its competitor Reconvest! Reveals rallies trying to jump back in after a subtle 8-day series. His comments on “Frenzy to add” Children with disabilities at school developed bronchitis.

Eric Zemori was fined 10,000 euros on Monday for inciting hatred, according to comments made on Cnews in 2020 about unsupported immigrant minors. He appealed.

But the rallies of Le Pen and Zemorin “It sets a course ” And Marine Le PenceBreathless “, Considers it a source close to both campaigns.

On the other hand, Mr. Gemmore is having a hard time convincing executives in Les Republicans (LR).), With the exception of the former No. 2 Guilloma Beltier.

“Be patient! February and March are more important than January”, Responded Friday evening to this audacity, before dinner at the Antibus between Eric Jemmore and the attorneys who pledged their cause.

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